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"Happiness lies, first of all, in health"
George William Curtis


Evening of Spiritual Connection
Oct/Nov 2013

Join us for fun and 

Roxette 2012

An unique opportunity to hear an International Intuitive with a rare gift to create miraculous changes in consciouness at a profound level!
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Huge Success!!!

INside-Out Wellness

24th March to   25th March 2012

Edinburgh, Scotland

Expert teachers. Uptodate health information, unique seated exercise, healthy cakes and BONUSES!

“Just wanted to thank you both, had a fantastic day, learnt a lot, loved every minute, would love to come again.”

“I came along not knowing what to expect, but I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the day. I thank you both from the heart.”

“It was a great, inspiring day. I love the variety of presentations and how carefully it built up.”

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Welcome to Enabling Health

At Enabling Health you are supported and assisted in attaining excellent health using the simplest and most effective techniques. You can enrich your health with the support of Enabling Health as an individual client and join one of the events on offer for fun, fitness and good health.


All About Women Events
March-April 2014
Edinburgh, Glasgow, St. Andrews and Salisbury

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Out with the old, in with the NEW

Fabulous, Effective, Achievable Results

We teach and facilitate your good health through Mind, Body and Spirit

Breathe... Relax... Fun...

We offer solutions and 34 years experience.

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Daily action gives results you can see, you can feel and you can change if you need

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It's All About How You Feel

Be healthier and more energized

Live YOUR power!

A time to feel good and enjoy having FUN!

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“Excellent, feeling great and very positive about myself. Feeling refreshed and more aware of my energy.”

 “I found the event very stimulating and got some positive information to improve my well-being, speakers were excellent –
wonderful samples – especially the cakes!!”

 “Thought provoking. Informative. Fun.”

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 Use Nature to lower the effects of aging

FREE mineral deficiency testing

Easy technique to clear your negative energy

How thoughts and feelings can create dis-ease in your body

Personal Enrichment

Add more fun to your life!

Don't wait as there are few dates available and your group will enjoy this event!

For more information, contact
Dr Jane Jamieson
phone: 0131 669 7533
phone: 0790 5636 050
email: jane@enabling-health.com

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Nutrition is the foundation of health. We all need to eat, and we are what we eat. If you wish to change your body, starting with nutrition will fuel any other changes you are making with other techniques. Nutrition Therapy works well in conjunction with any other therapy for that reason. The most effective foods are living foods and sea vegetables which are powerhouses of nutrients and energy. These are the building blocks of health - detoxifying, rejuvenating and healing the body. The short courses on Living Foods and Sea Vegetables give the basic information needed to start introducing Living Foods and Sea Vegetables into your diet in an easy and tasty way. 


Using a combination of different therapeutic modalities a thorough examination and assessment are made before treatment begins. Dr. Jamieson works with you to understand how your problems may have started, the most beneficial treatment approach and the changes needed to maintain good health afterwards. More information on the different techniques available.


Pilates is scientifically proven exercise method working from the deep postural muscles providing core stability. Our bodies were designed to move and movement is essential for proper functioning of the body. Enabling Health specialises in beginners matwork classes and one-to-one rehabilitation. More information on Pilates technique and local classes.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are a great way to treat friends and family. Many people have appreciated the gift of health and have greatly benefited from the attention. Multiple gift vouchers represent a significant saving and can even be used as a gift to yourself!