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"The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you"
B. B. King

Healthy Living in the 21st Century Meetup Xa Milne, Mara Seaweed, Royal Botanic Gardens Paul Wedgewood, Botanic Gardens Fiona Morris Medical Herbalist

Healthy Living in the 21st Century Meetup

A group to meet up, learn something new and have fun! Meet new people who can share their knowledge, experience and positivity to inspire us with ideas, techniques and tools for healthy living. There are so many exciting developments in the health field and there is definitely something for everybody. Different topics for each meeting.

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“Wonderful evening, Thanks so much to the brilliant speakers who clearly love their job so much. Thanks to Jane for organising.

Scottish Seaweed for Health Exhibition - Edinburgh Royal Botanic Gardens 14 & 15 September 2013

Hundreds of people attended the first Scottish Seaweed Health Exhibition at the Royal Botanic Gardens. Many knew of the benefits of seaweed before the event, but many more were converts after speaking to nutritionists, marine biologists, herbalists and chefs all specializing in seaweed. There were opportunities to ask questions, taste foods, watch demonstrations and listen to interesting talks.

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“Food for thought! Definitely going home to try it out. Thank you for another interesting and informative talk.“

“Absolutely excellent, Jane is so informative and a great speaker.”

“Both days were very well organised, thank you to everyone involved. Jane always goes the extra mile providing cake, bread, tea tasting and samples. Perfect week-end. Thank you Jane.”

“I only managed the exhibits downstairs but I learned SO MUCH!! I loved seeing, smelling and tasting the seaweed and products but what I loved the most was talking to the exhibitors. They were all so passionate and knowledgeable. I spent so much time talking to people downstairs that I missed the talks upstairs (I could only come in the afternoon on Saturday - next time I will make more time!!)

Your Kitchen Pharmacy - Fiona Morris Medical Herbalist - 26th August 2013

We were empowered to create our own healing concoctions at home. On this fragrant evening, local Medical Herbalist Fiona Morris introduced us to a wealth of natural first aid solutions that we already have in our kitchen cupboards and garden. At this remedy making workshop we tasted a range of remedies for a host of common complaints, with your own kitchen first aid booklet to take home after.

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“Fantastic evening - Fiona was so knowledgeable and everybody enjoyed her friendly welcoming style.

“Lovely for all the 'new to' herbal remedies as well as informative for others with some previous knowledge. I have been chopping and blending with renewed vigor!

“Thanks for a great workshop.

How Your Body Speaks to You - Holistic Kinesiologists - 2nd June 2013

Kinesiology is an amazing technique which is tells us so much about how the body works under the covers. We learnt about how our emotions, physical posture, what we eat and how we think all interconnect and affect our underlying health and energy. Really fascinating. We met an experienced group of Kinesiologists in Edinburgh who use Holistic Kinesiology to support the body to heal itself. We were taught some simple tips for health and wellbeing and were amazed by how the body can really talk.

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“Another excellent evening with people full of knowledge and willing to share. Hope the midgie bites heal well Jane and thank you for organising tonight. The nibbles were very good and the humous and cherries fantastic!”

“Brilliant talk, great speakers and lovely people all round! A real bargain for £7.00, would highly recommend.

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