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"The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you"
B. B. King

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Health and Wellbeing Events for Women Golfers


New dates available for March/April 2014 - ring 0131 669 7533 for details

This is a specialised workshop created by Dr Jane Jamieson and International Holistic Coach and Author Roxette Denne. We know what golfers need.

A Mind Body Spirit Approach to the game of golf and YOU.

Mind – be in tune with your goals, maintain your focus, enjoy success

Body – enhance your energy, stamina and your flexibility

Spirit – energize your intention with your thoughts and passion

It is becoming more and more clear that working holistically gives the greatest results.

We have 34 years of experience in teaching health and wellness. We offer solutions that work, in a fun, informative and inspirational format.

 We want YOU to benefit too!

** New training tools from the US for March 2014 helping you to hit on plane and hit further.

              in Schools

We discuss things that make a difference:

Mineral testing – how do you know if you are running on empty?

              image LISTEN to information on minerals

Nutrition for energy - your guide to younger living. Nutrition is the foundation for health.

              image LISTEN to information on supplements

pH testing – are you letting stress get the better of you?

Pilates for Golfers - learn to tone and stretch the body with specific exercises geared to enhancing performance and reducing injuries.

listen image LISTEN to some fabulous Pilates exercises

Care for your skin – Learn natural and simple beauty tips to care for your skin.

listen image LISTEN to information on caring for your skin

Meditation and breathing - exercises to energize and calm the mind and body. 


New programme for 2014

We travel to your club for your convenience. Many clubs find this a great opportunity to develop and enhance existing links with other clubs by sharing the event.

A fun and social way to learn some seriously good health tips.

Stress release technique
What our participants say about us:

“I have really enjoyed the evening, meeting you both. Learning so much about things I had never thought about to do with making the most of me and my life. Thank you”


“This was a great experience for me: interesting, helpful and made me think about my lifestyle, my health and overall well being. Nutrition and meditative experience was fantastic!”


"Great fun. Very informative. New and very surprising information about nutrition and minerals. Lots of change ahead!"


"I have found this evening to be most interesting and amazed after the tests, what was revealed."


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