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"The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you"
B. B. King

Specific Stretches  Teaching Stress Release Health and Wellness

Health and Well-being Events for Women Teachers, Support Staff and Parents

  New dates available for March/April 2014 - ring 0131 669 7533 for details

Allow time for yourself because you deserve it. When you take care of yourself you have more to give to others. Make sure YOU are YOUR priority.

We have 34 years of experience in teaching health and well-being and have distilled the great advice that works for our clients into simple tips for YOU.

We want YOU to benefit too!

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              in Schools

We discuss thin
gs that make a difference:

pH testing
– are you letting stress get the better of you?

Boost your mood - learn to tone and stretch the body with specific exercises geared to boosting your mood.

Nutrition for energy - your guide to younger living. Nutrition is the foundation for health.

listening image LISTEN to some top tips on boosting your energy

Mineral testing – how do you know if you are running on empty?

Balancing hormones - happiness is from the inside out.

listening image LISTEN to fun ways to boost your feel good factor

What small changes are you open to making for a better life?

Meditation and breathing - exercises to energize and calm the mind and body.  


New programme for 2014

We travel to your school for your convenience. Many schools find this event a great opportunity to create and enhance existing links with other schools or with parents and friends.

A fun and social way to learn some seriously good health tips.

Stress release technique

“Thank you so much for leading the Health and Wellness event for female managers at the School yesterday. All participants were unanimous in their positive feedback. The day was informative, enjoyable, positive and affirming.”

“Very much enjoyed the day, common sense approach to dealing with stress and recognising major stresses and then act upon it by making positive changes. Thank you ladies. I know feel back in control, calmer and ready to take on the next challenge.”

 “A most enjoyable morning. I liked the techniques for energising yourself. I now have some tools to encourage me to be myself and to cope with what life has thrown at me over the past years.”

 “I found this session extremely helpful. I felt very anxious (shaking etc) at the start of the session but by the end, felt very positive and relaxed. Thank you!”


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