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"Living foods for living bodies, dead foods for dead bodies"
Ann Wigmore

Living Foods Course: Part 1

The focus of Living Foods Part I is on introducing the concepts of Living Foods, and showing simple and tasty ways to start adding Living Foods into your diet – the no fuss approach to Living Foods. The Living Foods in part I relate mostly to breakfasts and snacks and therefore do not inconvenience any other member of your household. You will learn why the body needs Living Foods and how it uses Living Foods for energy.

Living Foods are also, incredibly cheap, so not only will you learn how to keep your body healthy but also how to save money on your food bill.

Living Foods are the most nutritious and beneficial foods

This is a "hands-on" course giving you the opportunity to try different foods and take home lots of ideas on how to introduce living foods into your daily life. Come and learn one of the most powerful rejuvenating tools.

Foods to try, information pack and goodie bag to take away!

Bespoke courses can be organised for your group.

Next course will run as part of Retreat to Renew, 29th April - 1st May 2011

FAQ on Living Foods

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