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"15 lbs of wheatgrass is equivalent to 350 lbs of the choicest vegetables"
Charles Schnabel

Dr. Jane Jamieson

Living Foods Course: Part 2

Part II of the Living Foods course takes you Living Food experience to the next level. Enhanced detoxification, further increases in energy levels and a greater ability to heal the body. In Part II of the Living Food course the most powerful Living Foods and the wonders of chlorophyll are discussed. The background into the research behind Living Foods is also examined.

The importance of detoxification and how to heal the body are discussed in more detail. This is the information that anybody who wants to take charge of their own health needs to know.

This is a "hands-on" course giving you the opportunity to try different foods and take home lots of ideas on how to get the most of Living Foods in your daily life. Come and learn one of the most powerful rejuvenating tools.

Foods to try, information pack and goodie bag to take away!

There are many expensive products on the market which purport to give the same healing and energy benefits as Living Foods – but as one of the participants on one of the retreats from the Retreats for Living Programme said:

"I didn’t realize how much more energy I could get from the real Living Food – I have been using Living Food products and feeling the benefit of them – but this is so much better, I can feel the energy in my body."

Bespoke courses can be organised for your group.

Next course will run as part of Retreat to Renew, 29th April - 1st May 2011

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