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"Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one"
Malcolm S. Forbes

Will I become a social outcast and will I still be able to socialize?

No! You do not have to become a social outcast when you add Living Foods to your diet. Many of the recipes given within the programme are based on breakfasts and snacks and the remainder of the day is made from food that you would normally eat. This means that if you go out for a meal, no-one else need know that you are adding Living Food to your diet. If you wish to continue your healthy eating in a restaurant setting, then basing your meal on vegetables or salad, will continue to support your body’s healing process.

Does Living Foods involve buying costly products?

Definitely not, Living Foods are extremely cheap and are especially good value because of their enhanced vitamin and nutritional content. I worked out a week’s menu of 70% Living Foods which came to under £8.00 a week for the Living Food portion of the menu.

Isn’t using Living Foods going to be a faff and a hassle?

No – of course it is possible to make anything complicated and time consuming – however what I teach on the course is designed to be very easy and simple to do. This ensures firstly that you are able to fit into a busy schedule and it requires no specialised equipment beyond a jug, a sieve and a 500 W blender. I have travelled around India using Living Foods in plastic bags and even found Living Foods in some of the hotels and so I can vouch for the ease of its use.

Won’t Living Foods be really difficult if nobody else in the house is doing it?

On the course I teach mainly breakfasts, snacks and side dishes as most people individually choose their own breakfast and can easily fit in their own snacks and side dishes. My own husband chooses not to eat Living Foods some of the time and I have never found this difficult or inconvenient.

Don’t I have to do living foods 100% for it to have any effect?

Living Food contain so much vibrant, concentrated nutritional energy that even one meal a day of Living Foods will make a difference to your energy levels.

I have a serious illness can Living Foods benefit me?

Living Foods have been shown time and again to help people to recover from extremely serious illnesses, especially if a 100% Living Food diet is followed. As Living Foods contain all the nutrients that the body needs any person, no matter what their state of health will benefit from introducing some Living Foods into their daily diet. There are several healing retreats based on Living Foods in both the UK and USA with a very good track record. For many people this can be the easiest way to start a completely different regime as much of the food preparation is done for you, and the healing benefits are felt very quickly.

My children are especially fussy eaters, how can I introduce them to Living Foods?

On the course I teach some easy and tasty children friendly recipes, such as banana shake. Many of the recipes can even be adapted to involve some of the tastes that children enjoy. I am willing to discuss possibilities about specific adaptations with you personally.

Doesn’t everything that does you good taste nasty?

No! I feel that it is important for health and the feel good factor to eat foods that taste good. This creates motivation for repeating the experience and makes life enjoyable. With continued use the energy buzz that your body experiences from Living Foods to motivate you to continue.