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"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"
Lao Tzu


Pilates is a mind-body technique which strengthens and tones the body, whilst increasing flexibility, co-ordination, concentration and body awareness. Many people also find the technique deeply relaxing and appreciate its de-stressing effects. Any sports or fitness programme will be enhanced by practising the Pilates Technique due to increased body awareness and greater ease of movement.

In starting to learn the pilates technique it is imperative that a thorough grounding in the basic Pilates principles is achieved to ensure proper alignment, co-ordination, and most importantly, correct activation of the deep core muscles. With Enabling Health you can expect that your Pilates Instructor has a good understanding of how the body works, has a comprehensive understanding of the techniques involved in Pilates Training and understands and can accommodate any problems that you might have.

Contact Enabling Health for one-to-one Pilates training. Faster results are obtained when combined with Remedial Massage and other Therapeutic techniques.


Enabling Health is available to teach Pilates from beginner level within your organisation.

Drop in classes are currently running at Portobello Swim Centre, Edinburgh:

11.30 am Improvers
1.30 pm beginners

8.00 pm Mixed

Contact Portobello Swim Centre for more details. 0131 669 6888

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