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"The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you"
B. B. King

Boulder Welcomes You Las Vegas City of Excitement Lake Mead at Hoover Dam Lake Mead

Vegas Valley Retreat - Boulder, Nevada 2005

The Historic Boulder Dam Hotel,
Boulder City,

April  22nd - 24th 2005

The desert is the place to COME for:

Sometimes you need a place to stop to move forward. Love yourself in ALL ways. Be the one you give your all to.

We came to the historic Boulder City, Nevada on the bank of the lovely Lake Mead, near the majestic Hoover Dam and the exciting Las Vegas.
An oasis in the desert. A place of peace and calm amidst the hustle and drama of life.

This was our lovely retreat space. Everybody seemed relaxed and friendly, life moves at a different pace here. It is good to remember how to BE.

Boulder Dam Historic Hotel

Each of the presenters brought their own flavour of what it means to love, to live and to heal. It was a wonderful blend of spirituality, practicality, wholesome living and a good dose of laughter.

We presented classes in:

Living Foods and how they can heal: This class lets you see, taste and learn how to fill your body with foods that nourish and sustain and give all the benefits of the truly live nutrients that heal disease.

Attracting ALL that  we desire: Learn to let go of the non-positive in your life to attract the money, relationships and love you desire.

The body doesn't lie: Knowing what the body wants is not from your mind, it is from tuning into the biofeedback from the body itself. Learn to listen to you.

Can you live, laugh and love?: Laughing can heal you, laughing is fun. Creative writer Robin L Schwartz will keep you in stitches with her poetry and short stories.

Change your mind: Hypnotherapy assists in changing and letting go of unwanted habits and non-positive fears so you can live life the way you want to.

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