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"The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you"
B. B. King

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Maine 2007


August 17th -19th 2007

I came to Maine in 2007 to teach and to learn about seaweed. I taught the healing benefits of using sea vegetables in everyday life and learnt how to harvest sea vegetables from a leading wild crafting sea vegetable harvester who harvests with the highest integrity and is setting the bench mark for sea vegetable industry, Larch Hanson. As Larch says "my products are not organic, because the organic standards are not stringent enough, my products are better than organic!"

Maine coast

Maine is such a beautiful, pristine environment, it is the perfect place to harvest sea vegetables for human consumption. I am glad I was there in the summer as it gets completely covered in snow for several months of the year.

Teaching was good, they could understand my accent - most of the time, and I had a very receptive audience.

Sea Vegetables the Food of the Future: The power of minerals in your body and the dangers of hidden acidity. How beneficial sugars support weight loss and how to end chronic ill health.

Enzyme Nutrition for the 21st Century: Unbelievably easy ways to increase your enzyme nutrition and immune health, reduce inflammation and build new levesl of energy iwth these simple steps.

Once I had taught my classes we were able to have some fun!

We had a chance to look around Larch's amazing abode. Larch as well as being sea vegetable harvester is also a wood worker - he builds boats, furniture and his house; a body worker; and more besides. He is a wonderful testament to the power of sea vegetable nutrition. He definitely practises what he preaches.

Seaweed drying

Here are the seaweed drying frames.

            National Park

Larch took us to the stunning Arcadia National Park on his doorstep. It was wonderful to breath the clear, fresh air, it was so uplifting.

            blueberries growing in the Arcadia National Park

We picked wild blueberries.

Maine Coast

We had a trip on the boat and picked wild lavender.

            picking wild lavender

To give you a flavour of my experience try this wonderful sea vegetable soup - Larch's special recipe!
Of course you need to try it with the Larch's special Maine Sea Vegetables - buy here!

Now make a peaceful soup.

 The order is this: Heat water.
Add seaweed... superb soup herbs...
From the sea? Si! Oh! I see!
Wash grain (oats, rice or barley). Add grain.
Cut root vegetables (carrots, onions, turnip).
When grain is softened, add root vegetables.
Spices are up to you.
I like thyme, basil and parsley.
Got pasta sauce?
Did you remember to cut some garlic?
When the root vegetables are almost done,
Add chopped greens.
How about kale? Fresh herbs?


Larch Hanson, Maine Seaweed Company,


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