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"The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you"
B. B. King

Afraid of the sunLas casitas Angelitas  Pool at the villa 

Retreats for Living - Sayulita, Mexico 2004

Las Casitas Angelitas,
Hillside Hideaways,

April 11th - 16th 2004

Make a difference to how you feel...
whilst having the experience of a lifetime.

Palms in

Teaching in Mexico was truly a dream come true. This was the view from our balcony as the sun set on our first day.

Sayulita is a beautiful beach paradise. Coming from Scotland and not being used to the strong Mexican sun, I dressed appropriately!

We had a beautiful apartment with balcony's and a pool. We used it all to our advantage and taught the food preparation classes in the kitchen, the exercises classes on the balcony and early in the morning on the beach. We taught our spa extravaganza by the pool.

            Living Foods in Mexico

We taught classes on:

Living Foods: The health secret that everyone ignores. Food for Life. Learn a way to better health and safe weight management.

Movement and Exercise
: Pilates, resistance bands, balance disc, stretching and walking.

Are You Listening?: It is within all to hear their own intuition or 6th sense. Are you ready to listen?

The Body Doesn't Lie?: Knowing what the body wants is not from your mind, it is from tuning into the biofeedback of the body itself.

Spa Extravangza: Relaxing, reducing stress and enhancing beauty naturally. Spa experience using natural food ingredients - great fun!

The beach where I
          taugth Pilates

Enjoying a well-earned fruit cocktail at the end of a hard week! ;)

A well earned

Escape, live in the now, be in balance.

Learn who you always wanted to be.

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